Write up a policy analysis on the current situation, identify existing challenges, and provide solutions or suggestions to improve the practices in intergovernmental relations. The policy report may analyze an actual situation or even discuss the hypothetical situation (if you cannot find a relevant case or data). The objective of this assignment is to offer an opportunity for students to connect the knowledge they obtained from the lecture with empirical cases and practices in the public arena (even at a hypothetical level). This assignment intends to raise the analytical capability of students to assess the situation from a political, economic, and societal perspective. Students are required to identify empirical data and case for their policy analysis paper. Students will have to clarify how the selected cases and data contribute to addressing specific public policy issues and problems from an inter-governmental relation point of view. Students may choose to address a specific grant program, public policy, or regulation. The public policy issue can be local, state, or federal government levels. The case can be either a U.S. case or an international case from a comparative perspective.

Analyze the current situation on the selected public policy, and identify existing challenges or social problems. What kinds of challenges are public policy makers and main stakeholders facing? In order to be able to answer this question, break down internal actors and external stakeholders of the public policy first.

After the breakdown, identify major tasks and challenges by these identified actors and stakeholders. Your submision shoudl be no longer than 750 words