Identify a Challenge

College can be one of the most challenging chapters in your life. You may begin your college experience feeling overwhelmed, and the challenges you face may feel insurmountable. But you are not alone! This is normal and realistic; you are expected to adjust to new and different situations in a very short amount of time. Stop and breathe-remember that challenges and struggles are a natural part of life, and the challenges we face throughout our lives create the person we are. Nothing worth having comes easy-your struggle is worthwhile!

For this assignment, select one (1) challenge associated with your ability to be successful in college. Remember, the challenge you choose now will be what youll work to improve upon the rest of this course through goal setting and the creation of an action plan.

Write short essay that addresses each of these points:

State: What challenge are you choosing to focus on?

Explain: What makes it a challenge for you personally?

Explain: How and why are you prioritizing this challenge over others?

Reflect: How confident do you feel that you can tackle this challenge?

Connect: Discuss the class activities that helped you identify your challenge.