Home vs Freedom

Your THESIS should…

– be 1 sentence only,

– directly address the prompt you picked,

– accurately project/describe what will be written about in the two body paragraphs to follow,

– be legible and easy to read because you used correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

(For this mini-essay, we will forego the traditional introductory paragraph. Instead, you should *only* use a one-sentence-long thesis statement. This will help your grader to assess whether  you know how to organize and structure the most essential parts of an academic essay.)

Each of your TWO BODY PARAGRAPHS should…

– start with a TOPIC SENTENCE that directly supports the thesis and tells the reader what this paragraph will be about,

– include the correct number and type of quotes/summaries/paraphrases and follows up each these with an explanation, in your own words, of what you think the quote/summary/paraphrase means in light of your paragraph’s topic sentence and your essay’s overall thesis,

Several of the writers we encountered during Unit III explore the theme of people leaving their families in order to pursue their own freedom or escape, either through growing up (coming of age), finding romance, or because of avoiding some kind of commitment or oppressive fate if they were to stay home. COMPARE OR CONTRAST THE THEME OF HOME VS FREEDOM in the writing of two of the authors we read in Unit III. As you think about the biographical readings preceding each authors work in Unit III, and ponder what you learned about these authors from class lectures or the videos we watched in class, consider why those authors may have decided to write on the tensions between or drama of leaving home for some kind of freedom. Include two quotes from each of these two authors to support your discussion.

PLEASE USE THE READINGS ” the woman’s swimming pool” by hanan al-shaykh and “death constant beyond love” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
PLEASE ONLY USE the book The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Volume 2, Shorter Fourth Edition, which is where those two reading are found.

thank you