history paper

Imagine that you are a patron in Renaissance Italy and you want to commission a work of art. For this assignment, you will begin by writing a justification for the artist you have chosen and the type of work you have a decided to commission. In this section, you will need to explain what city you are based in, your background and interest in art, and why you have chosen this particular artist and format (painting or sculpture or building). Here, you should include at least three examples of works by your artist to support why you have selected him or her for this project. You will then write up a program for the artist to follow. You will need to explain what the format should be (if its a painting, is it an easel painting made with oil or tempera on canvas or panel or is it a fresco, if a sculpture, is it made of marble or bronze), the overall size, and the intended location (what room inside your palace or public space or church). Then you must explain the subject in detail and why this particular theme is important to you. Finally, you will tell the artist what the composition should look like, making choices about the use of space and/or perspective, how the figures should be arranged and dressed, how the work will fit into the chosen space, ect. You must include citations from at least four scholarly sources from the library databases. These can be used to support your argument on your patrons background, your choice of artist, or on the subject. Finally, you can include a mockup of the work as you envision it!