History of Taiwan

600 to 700 words, double spaced, standard font (Times New Roman, etc.)
Identify the primary source that you will use. What is it?
Tell me where you are finding it. For example: UW East Asia Library collection (tell me the exact collection name), an online database (provide me with a URL and description), a primary source document collection or reader (provide me with the Chicago citation format), etc.
Who wrote it? Tell me more about the author(s).  If a person or group, tell me who the group was, what their historical role was, etc.  If unknown, explain why this information is unknown and who the author(s) could be.
When was it written? If undated, please provide explanation for possible dating.
For whom was this primary source written? (In other words, who was the intended audience?)  Did this document reach different audiences than intended?
Why is this document important for the history of Taiwan? How is this primary source relevant for our understanding of a larger theme in Taiwanese history?  For instance: democratization, colonialism, identity, or any of the other lecture topics.  How does the presence of this document or your reading of this document change our understanding of Taiwanese history?