History, Nazi Germany

Short research paper: The MLA-formatted 5-7 page research paper that includes a clearly defined position, argument, and evidence (from primary and secondary sources). Topic: The Maus I&II by Spiegelman begins with Hitlers quote: The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human. In light of the authors choice to represent book characters through the animal imagery examine Nazi Germanys biological racialism, racism, and ideology by reviewing the peer-reviewed research of primary and secondary sources. Why were certain populations depicted as mice, pigs, cats, dogs, … etc.? How accurate is the Nazi racial logic depicted in Spiegelman’s work? Do you see the connection to the greater transnational ideas, ideologies, and trends (e.g. social- Darwinism, fascism, degeneration, and eugenics). This is not an opinion paper but a well-researched attempt using a multitude of peer-reviewed sources to answer these questions or position your valid argument within this framework.

This is not a book report. You cannot write this research by summarizing only one source, namely, Maus.  You need to come up with a research question or hypothesis based on the theme of the book assigned, research other authored sources, and possibly answer your research question. For instance, research the following question: “Why did the Nazis target Jews of the allied countries of Hungary and Slovakia during 1944?” or “How deep seated was the idea of anti-Semitism in German society during the years of 1933-1945?”
In order to conduct a well-researched project, you must research these themes apart from the assigned book and incorporate these findings in a greater attempt of answering your own research question.  See the syllabus for details.