Watch the Eyes on the Prize: Part 2.
Describe, in your own words, the events surrounding the Little Rock Nine. Use only the video as you
source. Include the following:
1. Why were the black children integrating Central High School? Legal reasons? Moral reasons?
2. What was the reaction of the Governor of Arkansas initially?
3. What was the reaction of the white citizens of Little Rock when the students showed up the first
time? Why do you think they reacted that way? Would they have acted that way if they were by
themselves instead of in a large crowd? Explain.
4. Describe the ordeal of Elizabeth Eckford? How did she react in the moment? Why do you think
she reacted this way?
5. What was President Eisenhowers response?
6. Describe what a day in the school might have been like for one of the Little Rock Nine kids.
7. How does this event make you feel about race relations in the United States, and in the South
Paper should be a minimum of 3 full pages. Each portion of the above assignment must be completed. Use 12 point standard font. Default margins. Double Spaced. Header will include name and class. Convert to a PDF document or Rich Text Format (RTF). I cannot guarantee that I can open other formats. A grading rubric will be attached.
Paper due on Thursday 12/31/2020 at 11:59 pm.