Genre Analysis Writing

Remember that your task in this essay is to explain how your primary source (the story you choose to analyze) is an example of contemporary climate fiction while also performing a rhetorical analysis of the text. You will need to have a clear, argumentative thesis statement that makes an interpretive claim about the work, and you will need to provide PLENTY of examples from the text that are explicated in order to support your claims. You also need to contextualize your analysis of the story with at least two secondary sources. These sources can be used to help you define cli-fi, relate the fictional text to real world topics and issues, and/or enter into conversation with other voices engaged in discussion of the text. I’m sure there are other reasons to incorporate outside sources; in any case, make sure that your secondary sources fit within the focus of your paper and that at least one of them is significantly engaged with (that is, you use it for more than a single