Genetics Case Study Analysis

Develop a 12-page case study analysis including the genetic principles as they relate to the patient in the Chest Pain Scenario (Links to an external site.). IWILL UPLOAD SCENARIO INFO

In your assignment:

– identify genes associated with the disease,
– the effects genetics have on the body of a patient with this chief complaint and diagnosis, and
– note the education you would provide the patient related to CAD/HTN and genetics.

Note that you will use the scenario only to obtain patient information for your analysis; you wont be submitting the summary for this assignment.

Review the rubric your instructor will use to evaluate your work:
.Understanding the pathophysiology. Pathology for all questions is completely explained and supported by scholarly sources.

. Analyzing pathophysiologic process(es) and completely explaining the pathological process.

Provide three provider-based scholarly references that are applicable to your case. Utilize APA 7th Edition (2020).