GDSQ Test Critique

Read the Guidelines for Critiquing a Psychological Test which can be found in Appendix B of the text.

Use the following test for this critique: Goldberg’s Depression Screening Questionnaire (GDSQ)

Using one of the links, take the test in order to see how it works. Taking the test is purely so you understand how it works from the test-takers viewpoint.

Search/review any literature in the professional data base that references the GDSQ, e.g. What research has been done on this test? What do other professionals say about the test? Where has it been used?

Critique includes responses to all of the questions in the Guidelines for Critiquing a Psychological Test

Critique includes at least one peer-reviewed reference from the professional literature related to the GDSQ

A summary section that reflects an advanced college-level depth of thought and academic scholarship, e.g. personal reflection, compare & contrast key issues/concepts, appropriate inclusion of information gathered beyond just the test and test website in your overall summary, etc

General Descriptive Information
What is the title of the test?
Who is the author of the test?
Who publishes the test, and when was it published? (Include dates of manuals,
norms, and supplementary materials.)
How long does it take to administer the test?
How much does it cost to purchase the test? (Include the cost of the test, answer
sheets, manual, scoring services, and so on.)
Is the test proprietary or nonproprietary?

Purpose and Nature of the Test
What does the test measure? (Include scales.)
What does the test predict?
What behavior does the test require the test taker to perform?
What population was the test designed for (for example, age, type of person)?
What is the nature of the test (for example, maximal performance, behavior
observation, selfreport, standardized or nonstandardized, objective or subjective)?
What is the format of the test (for example, paper-and-pencil or computerized,
multiple choice or true/false)?

Practical Evaluation
Is the test manual comprehensive? (Does it include information on how the test was
constructed, its reliability and validity, composition of norm groups, and is it easy to
Is the test easy or difficult to administer?
How clear are the administration directions?
How clear are the scoring procedures?
What qualifications and training does a test administrator need to have?
Does the test have face validity?

Technical Evaluation
Is there a norm group?
Who comprises the norm group?
What types of norms are there (for example, percentiles, standard scores)?
How was the norm group selected?
Are there subgroup norms (for example, by age, gender, region, occupation, and so
What is the estimate of the tests reliability?
How was reliability determined?
What is the evidence for the validity of the test?
How was the evidence for validity gathered?
What is the standard error of measurement?
What are the confidence intervals?

Test Reviews
What do reviewers say are the strengths and weaknesses of the test?
What studies that used the test as a measurement instrument have been published in
peer-reviewed journals?
How did the test perform when researchers or test users, other than the test developer
or publisher, used it?

Overall, what do you see as being the strengths and weaknesses of the test?

Helpful notes
I would suggest conducting a search using the psychology databases through Google Scholar. You may find some resources when you use any of these search words:

Goldberg Depression Screening Questionnaire

Goldberg Depression Questionnaire

Goldberg, Ivan + Depression

Ivan Goldberg + Depression



You may choose to use headings if you feel it helps the paper read more clearly but they are not required. As for bullet responses, if you select this format, then for the responses use full sentences and cover all the required information. Writing it in a paragraph format might be easier but make sure you cover all the questions. In short, use whatever format you choose.

Also, if you are not able to locate information to respond to a question, then you must include in your paper the steps you took to try to find the answer