Food waste

you will need to choose an issue connected with food and discuss it. The purpose of this analysis is to explain for your readers the food issue that youre focusing on, and discuss as many of the different points of view on this issue as possible. You will need to come up with your own ideas or implications for the role of food or food production in relation to the social world and argue for what you believe is the most reasonable point of view on your issue. must include;- define the issue from at least one credible source (you can choose one of the articles listed above); describe the conversation about this issue: what are people saying? How does the issue affect different groups in different ways? analyze the language that people are using to talk about the issue so you can understand the bias that is brought to discussions about this issue. Take a stand on this issue.In the end, you are arguing for the point of view in this conversation which seems most reasonable. must have four sources and must include this source 10.1111/josi.12372 YOU JUST NEED TO ADD TWOMPAGES IN MY ESSAY