Food policy and practice

Watch 4 webinars about food policy and practice. Two of the four webinars you chose must be webinars hosted by the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center which can be found here
Other 2 webinars can be from  Johns Hopkins Center for Livable Future and Food Tank websites.

After watching each webinar, answer these questions:
-What was the title of the webinar you attended?
-If webinar was recorded from the past, provide the link which you accessed the webinar from.
-Who was hosting the webinar (what organization, individual)? Please briefly describe the work of the host/organization to food policy. ~50 words
-Who was the main individual being interviewed during the webinar? (If there were multiple list all names and titles but choose one to elaborate on) Discuss their title, the aim of their work, organization they work with (if applicable), any publications/features that are related to the webinar topics being discussed. ~100 words
-What was the main topic addressed during the webinar. What were the main questions/ objectives that were explored? ~2-3 sentences
-Based on your previous response, elaborate on 3 key points that were addressed during the webinar (using quotations, data, interviewee responses, etc.) ~300 word
-After having to listen to this webinar, what are some follow up questions you have on the topic?