Financing the cost of Higher Education

Paper Topic: Financial Aid (Loans, grants, scholarships) for Higher Education

The paper will be in the form of an analytic policy advocacy memo, or report, that is to be developed and written as if you were a government administrator attempting to influence a more senior administrator or policy maker in state or local government within Florida with regard to the initiation of a new but politically realistic course of action for the government or the agency for which you were working. The paper will lay out the nature of the problem, provide extensive background analysis drawing from real data and actual policy information from relevant agencies, present specific policy options (more than one) to address the problem being discussed (including those individuals or groups likely to support or oppose each of the policy options, which may be one factor in determining feasibility of the policy alternatives), and finally advocate what appears to be the best possible solution to the problem. The analysis should include the political implications of the course of action that you propose. In memo format, this paper will have a one or two page executive summary at the beginning.
1.    The memo should be single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 margins.
2.    You MUST support your arguments using the readings and additional scholarly sources (books and academic journals only).
3.    Use APA format for citations