RESEARCH PROJECTObjective: Familiarize students with the financial services market, Federal Reserve, and the Central Banking Systems. 

This project allows students the opportunity to perform critical thinking, by addressing specific aspects of the financial services industry.  This project will allow the student to research the global financial system and look at financial systems in detail. 


There are two sections (Part I & II) to this research project and they will be done in two separate parts.  The first portion of the project will require the student to look at the many different financial institutions.  The second portion of the project will require that you provide a detailed study of the financial services markets, the relationship to the Federal Reserve System, and a study of the Central Banking Systems

.Deliverable 1 Module 4 – Matrix

1.  Define each of the following types of organizations.

2.  Identify a company in each of these categories.

3.  Complete the template for each company. A blank template is included with the assignment information in the course.