Final Thematic

Describe how the thematic unit you have created aligns with your philosophy of curriculum and uses a developmentally appropriate approach to meeting the needs of diverse learners. Refer to: Sharing Curriculum with Families and  Developing Your Thematic Unit for support. 

Explain your plan for sharing this thematic unit with the families of the children you are working with. Refer to: Sharing Curriculum with Families for support.

Examine your role in fostering each childs development and joy of learning through the implementation of this unit, including how you will consider the needs of diverse learners.

Finalize the concept map by revising your current map and adding at least three ideas for social-emotional development, social studies, and literacy. Refer back to Developing Your Thematic Unit and Cognitive Development Through Math and Science for support.

Develop your thematic unit lessons:
—-Revise your Creative Arts focused
—-Revise your Fine and Gross Motor Skills
—-Develop a STEM focused lesson.
—-Develop a literacy and social-emotional focused lesson.

***You must use the ECE/CD Lesson Plan Template (Links to an external site.) to create your lesson. ***