final project


A halfway house for sexual offenders has been proposed for Arcadia City, population 100,000. You, as a forensic psychology professional, have been asked by the mayor to speak at a community town hall, where you will present the arguments for or against the halfway house.

For this Final Project develop a 12- to 16-slide presentation with speaker notes.

  • Provide an overview from the literature regarding different types of sex offenders (e.g., violent or nonviolent) and the risks involved with having each at the halfway house.
  • Explain recidivism rates of each type of sex offender.
  • Describe three treatment methods and their effectiveness.
  • Describe the types of challenges those on the sex offender registry face.
  • Describe the use of the polygraph in the treatment of sex offenders.
  • Reference your state or regional sex offender management board recommendations.