Final Paper

Three main sections, intro/conclusion, original/relevant title, Works Cited/References, in-text citations

1) an overview of the reading that provides sufficient detail to draw lessons from (at least 335 words); 2) two important lessons for public administrators from the reading, with discussion about why these lessons are critical (at least 335 words); and 3) three connections demonstrating the relationship of the reading to other course discussions, readings or materials, with particular focus on how this reading illustrates a theory or a concept (at least 335 words). You will need an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. Finally, write your analysis using section headings for each section to organize and divide up your paper (i.e., create a heading for each section, such as Overview, followed by Lessons for Administrators, and finally Connections to Course Concepts; you can even label the Introduction and Conclusion if you would like).

1. In writing your overview, or brief, of the reading, you will want to choose the most essential aspects to report. It is not necessary to summarize the entire reading. Focus on what is important as a takeaway from the reading and what you can use to write the other sections of the paper.

2.Evidence you read/listened to/watched the assignments (short and concise overview, no more than one page).

3.    Your two lessons for public administrators (approximately one page).

4.    Your ability to relate articles back to the material we have covered from the text and, most importantly, the lecture discussions/slides (approximately one page). This is in bold, because 1) many students forget this section and 2) this is the most important part of the paper, so do not forget to do it and be sure to put forth an honest effort. Select three course concepts, state them, explain them, and relate them to the assigned readings. Write a paragraph on each course concept you select.

5.    In addition to these three sections, be sure to begin your papers with an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and end your papers with a conclusion paragraph.

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* Privatizing Government Services UPLOADED



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Topics: public budgeting, privatizing services, ethics, public interest and regulation, org theory, federalism and IGR