Final Exam

write a well-organized, well-developed essay that addresses the following scenario:

You are the designer of next fall’s American Literature I class.  In your essay, choose which two texts from the “Am Lit” document uploaded below are absolutely essential to KEEP and tell why, using specifics to support your answer (historical importance, thematic importance, development of American literature, etc).  Then, choose two texts to throw out.  Similarly, you must base your choice on more than “I didn’t like it.”  Think about the repetition of theme. Perhaps some texts don’t “fit” with the rest of the class or didn’t serve (in your opinion) a purpose in sketching the historical progression of America’s literary beginnings.

You may discuss any aspect of the texts that you want.  But you have to develop sound reasons for your choices and show me that you know the texts well by including specific examples in your discussion. The texts you select are found in the Becoming America textbook uploaded below.

This is an English class.  So, use your best grammar, cite your sources when you use direct quotes, and have an intro, conclusion, and body paragraphs.