film appreciation

Choose a narrative, feature-length film: 

        * You may choose any film that would be considered appropriate for this class.

        * You may not choose an animated film

        * You may not choose a film that has been discussed/analyzed in class.

In a 4 page essay (1,000 words) explain how you believe your chosen film meets the objective criteria for great art as discussed in class.  Address the following:

Introduction/Paragraph 1

clearly state the name of the film, director, year of release, genre,
provide a brief summary of the story (no more than 3-4 sentences).
Provide a one to two-sentence summary of your film regarding the objective criteria for great art.
BODY  Provide specific references and examples from the film.  Your explanations/examples must demonstrate clear, logical reasoning.  (Do not ramble on with plot summary).  You must address:

Universality – explain why/how the narrative is relevant across time and culture
Multi-layered meaning – identify one major theme of the film and explain how it is expressed consistently, logically, and coherently throughout the film in reference to character and/or plot
Explain/describe how at least two production components (cinematography, production design, sound) are used to help reveal/express various aspects of the narrative (character, theme, mood/tone)