Fences by August Wilson

ENG 102 Research Project


You will choose a story, play, poet that we have discussed in class. If you chose to work with a poet, I encourage you to choose a few poems from that poet. You will analyze your chosen work(s), identifying various literary devices the author used, and give examples.

To analyze the story/play/poems, you will need to both read the primary text (the story/play/poems) as well as secondary texts. You will want to learn about the author, as well as the social and historic circumstances that influenced the author. Some authors are contemporary, and so for these authors you need to identify the pressing issues that the author addresses.

To write this paper, you should search the library databases and credible sources outside the databases. These sources will help you understand the author, and the circumstances under which this author is/was writing. You will need six sources total (this will include the primary sources).

Essay Requirements:

Clearly define which reading or author you want to work with

Identify which literary devices are used

Develop a clear organizational pattern/structure

Integrate six sources into analysis

MLA format (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 margins, and Times New Roman font)

5-6 pages, NOT including your works cited

Project Components

Essay Outline

Draft Essay

Final Essay

Works Cited