Exhibition Statement

Exhibit Statements discuss the inspiration for the exhibition. Discuss topics that give the viewer information about why you chose these works of art, and why you think they “belong” together. What is your inspiration for this exhibition?

An Exhibition Statement also introduces the works of art to the audience before they enter the exhibition. The Exhibition Statement is a great place to write about your first impressions and the theme or themes that connect to your 2 works of art.

Formatting requirements for your Exhibition Statement:

The Exhibition Statement needs to be one page in length, double-spaced. And it needs to be in 11 or 12 point font. Use paragraphs, please.
Must include any sources used to write paragraphs’ information — add in-text citations. Research them if you haven’t used them before.
A Bibliography should be added also. It is on its own slide, page, or section after the essay or exhibition itself.
The Bibliography should include a total of 3-4 academic resources.
The themes to select from are:

Art, Politics, and Community
Art and Spiritual Belief
Art and Mental Health
Art and the Passage of Time
Art and Beauty
Art, Gender, and Identity
Art, Science, and the Environment
Art & Life/Death
Art & War
Art & Commerce
Art & Motherhood/Fatherhood (Parenthood and Ancestry/Lineage are also acceptable topics)