Exhibit precis

Final Project component #3: Exhibit precis

Exhibit precis. Provide a summary explanation of your exhibit theme and its contents.

In 700 words or less, explain your exhibit. Be sure to address what language-culture issue(s) the exhibit engages and an outline of the displays to be included. The number and content of displays will vary by project; what is most crucial here is that your outline of displays adequately illustrates the overarching exhibit theme. In presenting this overview, ground your exhibit in our course materials. You can cite as many readings as you like, but I will expect to see at least three different course materials cited.

The first three files are the syllabus of the whole project, and the first and second components of the project.
The fourth file and the followings are the course materials that may be used. It is not necessary to go through all of them. Most of them are shown in the previous assignments so there are no new readings actually.