Step One

Given that you have read and studied chapters 7 and 8, reread the focus scenario in chapter 7 on pp. 206 – 207 and the focus scenario in chapter 8 on page 248.  Post your responses to the following prompts in the discussion forum.

·       How would you proceed to create a new staff development plan?  Also, describe the essential elements of an employee termination process. 

·       How would you proceed to develop a plan of action that addresses the entire compensation package offered to all employees, but with particular focus on teachers?

Step Two

During this module, we will also look more closely at things that are involved in teacher evaluation systems, including value-added data and processes for removing teachers who fail to perform to standard.  This week, we will do some reading from the textbook for some general background and read an article that considers teachers’ perspectives in regard to value-added.

For this discussion forum, please read the following:

The text - Advent of Value-Added Performance Evaluation (pp. 207-208).

The article - .  This article focuses on Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), but I believe it will be good for you to read because it includes information about the following:

· What proponents and critics have to say about value-added models or VAM (p. 3).

· “Teachers are important stakeholders in their own evaluations” (p. 3).

· Components of the teacher effectiveness evaluation system for BCPS (pp. 4-6).

· Key issues identified by BCPS teachers in regard to VAM, including ways to respond to the concerns (pp. 6-9).

· Extending teacher concerns to other evaluation components (p.9).

In the discussion forum, respond to the following:

The text…

· List six reasons the author of your text identifies as important to know when it comes to the positive nature of value-added performance evaluation (pp. 207-208).

· Why is it so important to develop a consistent benchmark when establishing a value-added performance evaluation process (pp. 207-208)?

The article…

· Describe what the authors of the article identify as arguments made by proponents in favor of VAM and those made by critics of VAM (p. 3).

· Identify at least four components of the BCPS teacher effectiveness evaluation system (pp. 4-6). 

· Describe the four key issues raised by BCPS teachers in regard to VAM (p. 7).

· What do teachers identify as the biggest concern when it comes to extending teacher concerns to other evaluation components (p.9)?


· Provide your own argument in favor of utilizing student value-added data in a performance evaluation system.

· Provide your own argument against utilizing student value-added data in a performance evaluation system.