Enviormental Analysis

Pollution is a known threat to the health of human beings. Governmental organizations and non-profit watch dog groups work to monitor pollution sites that are designated and maintained in the United States. Read about the Love Canal disaster before you begin this assignment. (Links to an external site.) Then, explore the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitored sites in your area.


In this lab you are to determine the major sources of pollution in three different areas:

Your immediate area
A large metropolitan area
A rural area.
You will use the internet research information on the EPA’s website, analyze data and use Microsoft applications to write a summary of your findings.

Download the Environmental Analysis document  download. This document contains instructions and you will both record and summarize your data into it.
Visit the EPA’s Envirofacts website : http://www.epa.gov/enviro/ (Links to an external site.)
Save your document as EnvironmentalAnalysis_YourName
Upload your file using the Upload Instructions below.