Once you have read or viewed the lesson readings and assignments, you are expected to produce at least one substantive original idea by responding to one of the discussion prompts below. Ideas must be supported by documented information provided in course readings using APA format.

Prompt 1: What does the research tell us about the relationships between emergent bilinguals oral language development, literacy development, and educational achievement? How can teachers promote oral language use in the classroom as a foundation for EBs literacy development and academic achievement in English?


Prompt 2: Reflecting on De Jong and Harpers article, have you ever had someone remark that working with EBs is just good teaching? How did you respond, or maybe you didnt respond, at the time? How would you respond now? (Remember to cite as appropriate.)


Prompt 3: Why do EB students need effective instruction in every content area? What are some of the harmful effects of providing EB students with instruction only in the content areas that are on a states high-stakes test? Despite the pressure to prepare students for high-stakes tests and to raise test scores, what are some ways teachers can ensure that they are providing effective instruction for their students in all the content areas and not just the tested ones? Give examples from your own personal experiences or observations. (Remember to cite as appropriate.)