east asian linguistic

Yesterday you wrote a thesis statement based on Chapter 2 of the textbook. This time, with the work you’ve already done as your foundation, build it into a proposal [abstract] paragraph. In other words, for this assignment, you’ll be handing in a paragraph that reuses the one or two sentences you handed in yesterday. (pretend youre the author of the attached chapter, write a proposal based on the thesis statement i wrote below)

Steps to take:

1. Get your thesis statement from yesterday.
(mine is “In modern literate society,  “writing” and “language” are often tied together and mistaken for the same thing, nonetheless, writing is the visual representation of the spoken speech and has its own system that is not directly corresponding with the “language”.” )
2. Look back over your notes on Chapter 2 and the introductory video.
3. Watch today’s video for more information about proposals.
4. Write a proposal for an imaginary conference presentation based on Chapter 2, and hand it in.