You are a regional manager at the Walk-In Closet clothing store and you just received the most recent feedback from a mystery shoppers in-store experience report. One thing that caught your eye in this report is that the mystery shopper had a hard time identifying a staff member to help them get a changing room. They go on to mention that it was difficult to distinguish between who was a sales associate and who was a customer because there was no standard work uniform. This in not the first time you have read a comment like this. You decide it is time to take action by establishing a dress code for all staff. You are aware there may be some push back from the staff, but if you provide each employee with at least one Walk-In Closet shirt (short or long sleeve) the dress code transition may be easier.

Your task is to write a  memo addressed to the store managers in your region on the decision to implement an employee dress code program that will be fully implemented by the start of the third quarter of this year. This memo will discuss the reasoning, benefits, costs, and time frame involved in executing the new dress code policy. Be sure to address the audience properly, and write to them as a concerned executive. You may also draw from your personal work experience with appropriate examples to support your references.

If youre not familiar with a Memo style, you can click this link to view a sample memo (Links to an external site.). (Note: Your memo does not need to contain every section included in the sample memo. Just be sure to include the date, recipient, sender, subject, and at least three paragraphs addressing the topic.)

Follow a standard memo format.  Keep in mind that policy changes such as this one may be stored permanently.  Will that have any effect on how you write the memo?  Hint:  How will it likely be search for?
Be clear, complete and concise.  Hint: When exactly is third quarter?!
Be cautious of your tone.  Consider how you would feel if this were a change coming to you as an employee.  How would you like it?  What would help you to be receptive to this change?