Version: October 2020

© Northcentral University, 2020Comment by Northcentral University: Ensure every section in the document meets the following requirements:☐ Use 12-point and Times New Roman font.☐ Write in the future tense when referencing the proposed study in the dissertation proposal. Write in the past tense when referencing the completed study in the dissertation manuscript.☐ Use economy of expression to present information as succinctly as possible without oversimplifying or losing the meaning.☐ Avoid personal opinions and claims. ☐ Support all claims in the document with recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed sources published within 5 years of when the dissertation will be completed, unless they are seminal sources or no other literature exists. For additional information and guidance relating to scholarly and peer-reviewed sources, click here. ☐ Avoid anthropomorphism (i.e., giving human qualities to inanimate objects) such as “The article claims…”, “The study found…,”, or “The research explored…”. ☐ Clearly and precisely define key words upon their first use only.

Title of the DissertationComment by Northcentral University: With the exception of articles and prepositions, the first letter of each word should be capitalized. The title should be two single spaces (one double space) from the top of the page. In 10-15 words, it should indicate the contents of the study. The title should be bold.The title page should include no page number, so please recheck pagination once the template cover page has been removed.

Dissertation XXXComment by Northcentral University: Insert either “Proposal” or “Manuscript.”.

Submitted to Northcentral University

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in Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree of

DOCTOR OF XXXComment by Northcentral University: Insert your degree program in all capital letters (e.g., DOCTOR OF EDUCATION, DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION).


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La Jolla, California

Month YearComment by Northcentral University: Insert the current month and year. There should be no comma separating them.

AbstractComment by Northcentral University: The abstract should be included in the dissertation manuscript only. It should not be included in the dissertation proposal.The word Abstract should be centered, bolded, and begin on its own page.

Begin writing here…Comment by Northcentral University: The text should be left-justified (not indented) and double-spaced with no breaks.


☐ Briefly introduce the study topic, state the research problem, and describe who or what is impacted by this problem.

☐ Clearly articulate the study purpose and guiding theoretical or conceptual framework of the study.

☐ Provide details about the research methodology, participants, questions, design, procedures, and analysis.

☐ Clearly present the results in relation to the research questions.

☐ State the conclusions to include both the potential implications of the results on and the recommendations for future research and practice.

☐ Do not include citations and abbreviations or acronyms, except those noted as exceptions by the American Psychological Association (APA).

☐ Do not exceed 350 words. Strive for one page.

AcknowledgementsComment by Northcentral University: You may include an optional acknowledgements page in normal paragraph format in the dissertation manuscript. Do not include such a page in the dissertation proposal.The word Acknowledgements should be centered, bolded, and begin on its own page.

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