Does social media have cons?

I need to write an essay which is a rebuttal for my first essay, I will provide essay1 with the documents below, can you please take a look at it and read it so that you can have an idea about what is it about. I was given an 80 for my first essay and the comment was [- 24% plagiarism (because of improper integration of source material. It is not enough to cite the material, but you need to quote it if it is copied)]. Now I need to write a rebuttal essay about the same topic it should be in this form:

1. Transition: state the reason for the opposing viewpoint… ex: despite the fact that it has been proven that …., there is an opposing viewpoint that disagrees/that states the opposite. The opposing viewpoint states that …(eg: women do not have full rights because…. and…. )

2. the body: introduce the 1st opposing viewpoint reason, explain what it means and give examples
(eg: the opposing states that because women have a right to education, then…)
    A. explain this viewpoint
    B. refute/rebut this viewpoint (ex: yes, such a study did conclude that smoking is safe, however…)

3. same as first body paragraph

4. conclusion: results that your argument is stronger and the counterargument is flawed

I will provide the draft of the essay (2) containing what I’ve written so far. it is a research type of essay so it needs to be full of facts and proven information. and PLEASE keep in mind to follow the MLA8 citations as much as you can because a big portion of the grade relies on it. including in-text citations and all of that, and the last page as seen in my first essay needs to be work cited page where all the sources that have been used are mentioned with MLA8 citation. And also we can’t use “I”, “we” or “you” or any of those in the essay just that if you want to know. I will also provide logical fallacies sheet if you would like to use that to prove the opinion wrong (this is preferable if you can), and the rubric will be provided too. This course is one of my main concerns due to how strict they are with grading so I’d really appreciate the help, thank you so so much!