Watch the following 2018 NBC DFW news coverage video from North Texas as it explains how television commercials are pushing the envelope when it comes to diversity. As society has progressed companies have learned that not everyone can or should be considered as the same and that every person has different life experiences, may it be religion, culture, or beliefs. Diversity marketing involves acknowledging that marketing and advertising must offer alternative ways of communicating to different diverse groups.

Link: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/companies-continue-to-push-diversity-in-commercials_dallas-fort-worth/76280/

After watching this NBC news video, think about a recent advertisement or commercial that you have seen. Use the questions below to analyze your chosen advertisement or commercial for diversity issues relating to advertising.

1. Identify which of the diversity dimensions the commercial/advertisement did not appeal to. (e.g., gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race, culture, etc.)

2. Explain why you felt the commercial was not sensitive to the particular diverse class(es) you identified.

3. How would you modify this particular commercial to appeal to that particular diverse class?

Assignment Format:

12-pt Times New Roman font
1-inch margins on all sides
Proper spelling and grammar