Discussion: Research Methods

Individual Post (click reply at the bottom of these instructions).  Please number your answers.
Select a topic (choose one): Social Media Use and Mood  OR  Exercise and Mental Health
1.    Which topic area did you select?
2.    How do you think these two variables are related? State in terms of a correlation.
3.    Identify how you could study this topic using a descriptive research method. Briefly describe how you could set up your study including which descriptive method you would use.
4.    Identify how you could study this topic using an experimental method. Identify the independent variable and dependent variable and how you could set up your experiment.

(I will post the other responses after the first discussion part)
Peer Response (click reply under your peer’s post to respond).  Respond to the posts of at least two other group members by commenting on the following:
1.    Do you agree or disagree with the prediction made regarding the relationship between the variables. Explain why or why not.
2.    How feasible are the study designs for both the descriptive and experimental studies? That is, could this study actually be conducted the way it is described? Why or why not?
3.    What might you change about the methods suggested to improve the study?