Discussion post

For the first discussion of week 5, the first week we’re looking at the American Revolution, I want you to read the first two sections in our TEXTBOOK for this week. These discuss the causes of the Revolution. After reading this, I want you to write up a forum post outlining what you think were the most important causes. Feel free to do some outside research, as well, but always cite your sources if you do this!

For our second discussion this week I want you to read “Samuel Seabury’s Argument against Independence (1775).” Unlike much of what we’re reading this week, Seabury opposed the Revolution. He was one of many “loyalists” who opposed seeking independence from Great Britain. It’s important to keep in mind that the colonies did not represent a unified social group and there were many contrary views on how the problems with Britain should be resolved. After reading this, I want you to answer the following questions:

1. Why does Seabury believe the Continental Congress and local committees are undermining Americans’ liberties?

2. How does Seabury differ from advocates of independence in his understanding of freedom?

3. Why do you think there were many loyalists throughout the colonies who opposed the Revolution?