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Write a discussion post on this: pls follow the instruction and the rubric list below.
A couple comes into the clinic with their six-month-old daughter.
You are the nurse taking a health history on the child and discover that the child has not had any vaccines other than what she received at birth.
The mother expresses fear about having her child receive any future vaccines.
She tells you she has heard her friends say they can cause autism and even the very disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent.

What would you tell parents who are hesitant to immunize their children about vaccine safety?

Write a response that addresses this controversial issue and include at least one appropriate scholarly reference in your response.

The following elements need to be included in this discussion:

Effective communication with appropriate content.
information regarding the autism link with valid citations from appropriate source(s).
General education plan with specific content with valid citations from appropriate source(s).
Reference List