Discussion: Criminal Justice Careers

To begin this discussion, think about your career goals. Write down three to five questions you have about the career center and/or the career you wish to pursue.

Then, go to the SNHU Career page and the SNHU CJ Mentor Council page and explore the career resources available to you. Spend time looking over some of these available career resources to find the answers to your questions. Then, complete the following for your initial post:

In your first paragraph, introduce yourself to your classmates by answering the following questions:
What do you do right now (full-time student, job, family, etc.)?
Why are you interested in criminal justice?
What are the career goals you hope to achieve once you obtain your degree?
In your second paragraph, post the questions you had written down before you explored the career resources and the answers you found in the career resources.
Did you find all of the answers you were looking for?
Did the career resources inspire other questions?
Is there something you are still wondering about?