Discussion Board

We are going to be practicing our role playing skills during this discussion module.  To begin, pick your favorite macromolecule.  Pick a specific one, not just a class (such as nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins).  State exactly where your’s is found, for example, cholesterol in the plasma membrane.  What is the function, chemical structure, three dimensional shape, what types of bonds are present, where it is found, what it interacts with, etc?  Include a drawing of your macromolecule and attach it to your first post.  This must be hand drawn or created with something like Microsoft paint.

Also create a real life analogy about your molecule and the bonds found within it.  For example, covalent bonds are like two children that want to play with the same toy, so they set up a timer on Alexa to switch between turns playing.  Create different analogies than any previous posters, so read before you post.