This week, you need to go to the IvyTech library site and choose one article from the CQ Researcher resources that is appropriate for your topic. Then, looking in that article, find two paragraphs that provide good examples of a good synthesis of ideas from different sources. Create a reference for this article in your post, then summarize those two paragraphs in your discussion post following the reference. Indicate first why you chose those two paragraphs. Then, consider why the two paragraphs are good examples of comparative analysis paragraphs. What are the strengths and weaknesses? What might you have done differently? How can you integrate this into your researched argument? What persuasive techniques does that article use that are appropriate for you to use, and what techniques does it use that aren’t appropriate? Finally, discuss how valuable this source is in relation to your other sources.

The response should be about 150 words and should include deep reflection, examples you might think of related to the topic, and any questions that have occurred to you. Please I choose Covid -19 and children the name of the author is Chandra White-Cummings Document APA Citation
White-Cummings, C. (2021, October 1). COVID-19 and children. CQ researcher, 31, 1-19. http://library.cqpress.com/