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After reflecting back on the problematic definition of equality as outlined by Milton Friedman (and reviewed in my Lecture), pick one or more essays from the larger batch of our assigned readings to argue what type of equality (of M. Friedmans THREE types) is defining the way individuals and institutions behave in an assigned essay of your choice.

For example, how does the notion of equality of outcome help or hurt the African American kids to whom Gates refers in “Delusions of Grandeur”?
Or, what kind of equality would help the woman in Woolfs essay get out of the kitchen so she could become a Shakespeare?
You may even include Aristotle: how does the pursuit of passions and pleasure undermine or serve a persons (or a communitys) equality in general or a particular kind of equality? For example, how does the pursuit of “passions” help or hurt a leader (in politics or on a football or basketball team)? Is it fair to expect “leaders” at any level to forego the passions that advertisers clearly cater to and expect in average human beings?