discharge plan 2

Identify members of the Multidisciplinary team (at least 4) (in this scenario) and discuss their involvement in the discharge plan of the patient. Please choose the best 4 healthcare members for J.B.’s case and arrange them in priority.


You are working 7PM-7AM on an oncology service of a university medical center with a pediatric/adolescent/adult population.  The staff working with you includes an experienced oncology RN, an experienced RN who has completed orientation to oncology, 3 PCTs (Patient Care Technicians) and a nursing student.  Interns and residents (oncology) are on call. 

J.B.                    38 yr old female
Adm. Dx:        B/L Radical Mastectomy
PMH:              Newly diagnosed breast cancer
Soc. Hx:          Lives with partner, denies smoking, leukemia as a child, depression, has 2
                        dogs at home, unemployed

Report:            Post-op day 1
                    D5 NS @ 50mL/hr
                        Strict I & O
                    WBC 11.2, Hgb 9.8, PLTs 167
                    B/L JP drains
                    Preparing for discharge tomorrow, plan for chemotherapy in 6 weeks