Developing the Research Paper Discussion

-Discussions Task First, read any articles or watch the videos assigned for discussion. You will be writing and responding to this reading or video; you will also devote time to discussing your insights with your classmates and responding to their insights regarding the topic. -Discussion Materials Before posting your initial response: Study the Research Paper Project Overview and Instructions, The Research Paper: Understanding Purpose and Generating Ideas, Developing an Analytical Argument, and Developing a Thesis for a Literary Analysis Paper. Conduct some preliminary background research on the author, poet, or filmmaker, and the work you are writing about for the research paper. Look for sources that provide critique on the film rather than a summary or a review (so, avoid IMDB and Wikipedia). Write a first draft of a thesis for the research paper; this is just a draft. It will change and develop! Remember that your goal is to analyze the piece of fiction, poetry, or film you chose. Your goal is NOT to write an informative essay about the creator and his or her works. -Discussion Prompt answer the following questions in 250 or more words: Which work will you be discussing for this paper? Why did you choose that particular work and the creator of that work? What do you believe are some important ideas you’ve learned via research about the creator and his or her work so far (this could be about the genre of the work, the creator’s style of writing or directing, the work’s themes, the way the work is written or composed, the time period in which the work is written or takes place)? This idea should not be related to the creator’s personal life or history. Post your tentative thesis for the research paper. So far, what are your ideas about how to approach researching this creator and work? Also, what are your initial concerns about how to approach the research paper? What resources might you use to help you address these concerns? Finally, what advice do you have for your classmates, who are also engaging in the process of researching and writing about literature