Current Event Post Assignment

Summarize the policy discussed within your article, where and when was this policy put in place? What problem is this policy intending to solve? Is this problem a local, state, or national issue?
Provide background information about the history of this policy- how long has it been in place? How did it originate? Did a single event prompt this policy?
Which goal of crime control do you feel is most reflected in your article (e.g., deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation)?
Does research indicate this type of policy/program works to reduce crime?
What are some positive impacts of this policy? (e.g. decreased crime through incapacitation, deterrence, improved police-community relations, increase perceptions of neighborhood safety, cost)
What are some negative impacts of this policy/program? (e.g. racial disparity, negative perceptions of police, mental health, harming families, cost)
Does the author of the article demonstrate a bias? Are they for or against the policy?
How would you change or improve the policy/program?
Is there another policy that you believe would be more effective?