Culture Identity and Diaspora

Consider these questions, for the article youve selected:
What is the central topic or set of related topics of your selected article?
What is the central question or set of questions asked by the writer(s) of your selected article?
What is the thesis or central claim of your selected article?
What evidence is used by the author of your selected article to support its thesis or central claim?
Is your selected article convincing? Why?
Is your selected article compelling or interesting? Why?
How does the information contained in your selected article relate to or impact your community (however you define it)?
Craft an essay (four-paragraph minimum) that summarizes the purpose, central claim, and ley evidence as well as analyze the authors biases and assumptions; the  effectiveness of the evidence, organization and conclusions; and, the intended audience of the article youve chosen
The essay should include a minimum of two paraphrases and two quotes from the article youve chosen
Provide a Works Cited or References entry for the article at the end of your post
Respond to two of your peers essays
Make sure to make connections between your responses and their own; your experiences and those revealed in the video; and, the general clarity of the ideas presented