Cross-Cultural Management

Professors request:
Throughout the semester, students will choose specific course topics (not including the course topic on which they will write the country study), and will write about how these topics are related to something that they have experienced in life, what are the insights that the study of these chapters enabled them to obtain and how they are likely to behave differently in the future based on these learnings. Each reflection paper should address and discuss at least two of the book chapters. Your paper should include:
1) a brief summary of the main points of each of the two chapters that are relevant to the experiences you plan on describing;
2) A brief recount of the situation you experienced in the past and an explanation of why/ how it is relevant to these two topic/ chapters;
3) What are your learnings after studying about this topic and
4) How/ why you will behave differently in the future based on this reflection.

Reflection paper should be about any two of the chapters/topics covered in weeks 7 -12 (8, 10, 15, 14, or the topic on international business ethics using the readings covered in class)
Papers will be 3-4 pages in length (double spaced).

My request:
– I would like to request you choose Chapter 14: Managing intercultural negotiation and conflict and Chapter 15: Working effectively in an international environment
– Here is brief info about myself:
Im an international student from China. Im working in Coach part-time as a salesperson.
Please think about the personal experience by yourself:)
– Just let me know if you have any questions or you need more about my personal info for the experience:) Attached is the book.