Link to video (copy and paste into the browser):

Students will write an easy reaction to the message in a short video.  Listen to the Ted Talk about saying “thank you” in the link above. In the reaction paper, a more informal style of writing may be used. (Writers will, however, be asked to observe academic standards of formatting and to use good taste in word choice.)  Compose a reaction to the talk, answering the following questions in your reaction essay:

1. What was the text about?

2. What was the main idea in the message?

3. How did you feel about what you heard?

4. What did you agree with?  What did you disagree with?

5. Close the essay with a summarizing conclusion of three sentences.

The essay should hold an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  In the body of the essay, please discuss ideas in paragraphs with a main idea in each.  Be sure to develop a thesis statement and place it at the end of the introduction to the essay.