answer the questions in a answer page

Substance abusers have higher rates of violence than nonusers (true or false): _________

Define what Romeo and Juliet Laws are relative to the crime of Statutory Rape: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________ rape is rape involving multiple offenders, weapons, and/or injuries.

_________________ is the murder of a very young child.

Give an example of a strategy used by a stalker: _____________________________________________________________

The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 was an example of ______________ terrorism.

A terrorist that does not receive any orders, direction, support or aid from any outside group is called a ___________  __________ terrorist.

The title of the United States Government Official charged with coordinating data from the nations primary intelligence gathering agencies is called the _______________________________________________.

In the early history of economic crimes a _________________ was a person that transported goods, such as spirits, gems, gold, and spices without paying tax or duty.

__________________ peddling is using ones institutional position to grant favors and sell information to which ones co-conspirators are not entitled.

____________________ is the white-collar crime whereby someone is entrusted with someone elses personal property, and converts it to his or her own use.

Name a type of prostitute: __________________________________

The _______________________ movement was a drive to prohibit the sale of alcohol in the United States.

What is the focus of drug interdiction: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the root of the Opioid Epidemic: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is one of the typical arguments in favor of drug legalization: _____________________________________________________________

______________________ are malicious attacks aimed at disrupting, defacing, and destroying technology.

ATM _________________ is when identifying information is taken from a magnetic strip on the card or a camera is used to record an access code.

_______________  _____________ is a website that facilitates extra-marital affairs, and it was hacked in 2015.

______________________ is a cyber entertainment scheme that starts with a 911 call and an emergency response to a location where an emergency does not exist.

Name an agency or strategy to combat cybercrime: _____________________________________________________________

A favored target of cyberwar is a countrys _________________________

What qualifies a crime or criminal network as transnational: ____________________________________________________________

The _____________ Act is federal legislation that enables prosecutors to bring additional criminal and civil charges against people who join together to form a criminal conspiracy.

Attempting to stem the flow of poppy from Afghanistan to the world is a form of source control (true or false): __________________________