Create an OSHA Standard on Nanoparticles

Answer and discuss the following:

1. For NANOPARTICLES Discuss the hierarchy of controls,

2. For Nanoparticles discuss specific engineering controls that can be utilized and how those engineering controls eliminate or lowers exposures. 

3. For Nanoparticles discuss PPE, discuss gloves for example, but is there one type of glove that is better than another?  If so, why? the need of respirators. etc. 

4. propose some OSHA standard based on your research….recommend a PEL (permissible exposure limit) and discuss what you chose that based on your research. 

5. Would you recommend other limits such as a STEL (short term exposure limit) or ceiling limit. 

6. Discuss how employers can sample to monitor employee exposures.  Be specific, will personal air monitor pumps be used?  If so, what flow rate and media?