Covid-19 concern Memo

Look at the attached file for visuals.
Assume that you have graduated and obtained that perfect job. Build this memo around a set of instructions.
One day while you were at work you noticed something that could be potentially damaging to you, your co-workers or the company facility. (This can be something you have actually seen, or you may make up an appropriate scenario.) Because of your managerial position you need to address the issue

Topic about COVID-19

1.    You will write a memo meant to address a group of coworkers that speak English as a second language therefore, you will have to craft your document carefully so that the audience will understand. Review the strategies for communicating with multicultural audiences. Remember these include, but are not limited to, choosing words carefully, making sure your sentences are short, direct and clear, and removing any slang or idioms in your writing.
2.    Give brief background information to let your coworkers know why this situation is an issue and why it is important to you.
3.    Then discuss what the current situation is-what happened or what you noticed that you felt you needed to say something.
4.    Give specific instructions on the proper way to do the task. Indent the instructions, and give them a lead in.
5.    Include necessary introductory information:
    why the task is done (if it isnt obvious)
    when the task should be carried out (if there is a specified time to do it)
    who is to carry out the task (if a designated or certified person must carry out the task)
    what safety measures must be taken and why
    what items or tools will be necessary to carry out the task
6.    Make a numbered list for the steps of the procedure.
7.    Conclude the instruction with appropriate information.
8.    Indicate exactly what action coworkers are to take with this information. Include who is to do what, and when. Or you may indicate that you will take the action. Be sure to indicate what action you will take in regard to this information, what you will do, and when.
9.    Do not use more than 2 sources.
When you write the memo use these headings so that you will get used to using headings for the types of sections and information you need to address. (Obviously, you can use the headings you feel appropriate when you are actually writing memos on the job) Use this format:
To: Name, title or position
From: Your name, title or position, initials in black ink
Subject: Specific information
Date: Written out

Purpose: Very short statement of why you are writing the memo, and why to this group of people.

Background: Brief narrative giving background information on what has happened previously in the organization regarding this issue, and explaining why this issue is important to the organization.

Discussion: What is the current situation- what happened or what did you notice that prompted you to take action.

This section is where you will embed your instructions on how the job or task should be done. Indent and use a lead in to set the instructions apart from the discussion narrative.

Action: This section will indicate what action you/others will take and when. Be specific, and watch your tone here.
Your memo will be at least one page.  Remember memos are single-spaced, but there are spaces between sections.  Don’t forget to initial the “From” section.  As always, check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

    Avoid plagiarism