Court Case Assessment 3

Defense lawyers and prosecutors cross-examine the witnesses in order to help determine the credibility of the witnesses and the accuracy of their testimony.

Imagine that you are the prosecutor. Ask Tom Randall one question, and explain why your question is important

Tom Randall (defendant) Testimony:

I had been planning this Halloween party since school started in September. I thought that it would be fun and give me a chance to pay back students who had invited me to their parties. I had plenty of food and beverages on handsoda and juice, as well as alcohol. Of course, I’m aware that the drinking age is 21 and that many students haven’t reached that age yet; but nobody really takes the law very seriously. After all, if you’re old enough to vote, get married, work, and be drafted, you should be old enough to drink. As far as my party was concerned, I felt that everyone had a right to make up their own mindsI just made the beverages available. Once people decided what they wanted to drink, I did try to keep them refilled. After all, that’s the job of a good host. I remember Kelly was drinking beer, and I probably did bring her one or two over the course of the evening. I don’t have any idea about the total amount of beer she hadI had no way of keeping track. I do remember saying goodbye to her, and she seemed in reasonably good shape. She was planning to drive. Looking back, I guess I should have paid more attention to her condition, but there were so many people there and so much was happening, I just didn’t think about it. This party was not unusualit’s exactly like most of the parties that happen on campus. It’s just that they don’t usually end with someone dying.