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points. For this Assignment, answer the following questions in 12 paragraphs each. Base your answer on the information presented the Rise of the Racial Slavery lesson. (You may also include additional information from the American Yawp but be sure to use specific examples included in the Sway lesson.) Do not use outside sources. Do not copy or share answers. (Be sure to complete the lesson before completing this assignment.)
Question 1: How did slavery change over time in Virginia? (Did it become more defined and stricter or did it remain the same throughout the colonial period? Use specific examples to support your answer.)
Question 2 is a primary source analysis question. Analyze the two perspectives of the Stono Rebellion, 1739. The first account, An Account of the Negroe Insurrection in South Carolina, is from a white official from South Carolina in 1739. The second source, A Family Account of the Stono Uprising, is an oral account by Cato, a black slave leader of the Stono Rebellion, as told by his descendants. Although Cato lived and experienced the 1739 rebellion, his story only became public after his family made it public in 1937.
What did each say about the Stono Rebellion? What does one learn from reading both accounts? What is the primary tone and message of each account? What accounts for their differences?