Course Reflection

The final paper is geared toward the integration of course readings, feedback, and reflection on your development as a listener and as a collaborative leader. In this paper, you will also discuss how you are going to continue your growth and development.

All students must meaningfully incorporate three readings (attached) from the semester in their papers. We have used multiple texts. Demonstrate your understanding of these readings and the work we have covered in this course by conceptualizing your growth and development in terms of not only your perceptions and experiences but also through the integration of these scholarly resources. Additional readings may be incorporated if students wish, but that is not a requirement. At least two texts should be cited, and students are encouraged to fully integrate this requirement into their papers.

Be sure to discuss and provide specific examples for each of the items below to show how you have changed or see/think about things differently.

Grading Guideline: 

Integration of course readings

Do not summarize the readings. Instead, integrate the readings into your discussion of the points listed below. (20 points)

Identified areas of strength (15 points)

Areas of professional growth during the semester (10 points)

In what ways have you grown? Where have you seen the most personal and/or professional growth?

Identified areas of needed future growth (15 points)
In what ways do you need to continue to grow with respect to interpersonal and communication skills?

Goals for future growth and development (15 points)
Based on the growth areas you identified, what specific goals can you come up with that will help facilitate your growth in these areas?

Plan of action (15 points)
How will you meet the goals you identified? What is your plan for working towards your goals?

Grammar, spelling, and APA style (10 points)