Counseling Theory and Application

Term Paper must include:

Title Page APA format According to APA Format, there should be a short title followed by page number 1 at the upper right side of the paper (also called Running Head); full title should be centered in middle of page; centered towards the bottom of the page is your name, course section, my name, and date.
Running Header on every page.
Resource Page APA Format – at least two scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (obtained through EBSCOhost) used to research your area of interest be sure to use APA format; you may also include websites/books if you used them as a reference in researching and/or writing this paper.

1) Identify key concepts of and noted figure(s) associated with EACH of the following counseling approaches:

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
*Structural Family Therapy
*Client Centered Therapy
*Psychodynamic Therapy
*Motivational Enhancement Therapy
*Rational Emotive Therapy

2) Explain the rationale for using each theory in a counseling situation (when and for whom is this approach good), and also explain the reasons for not using this approach and for changing approaches both to and from this approach during the course of counseling.  Identify specific skills the social worker/counselor will use during this particular therapeutic approach.  A minimum of TWO scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles should be read and incorporated into your paper